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Experience the Diversity of the North: Visit Alaska and Canada!

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventure or seeking laid-back relaxation, visit Canada and Alaska--they're top vacation destinations. Abundant natural spaces, indulgent cuisine and friendly locals put the northernmost parts of the Americas on the map. Come experience the diversity of our countryside and the people who live here.

Breathtaking Landscapes to Treasure

There’s a reason why the well-loved landscape painter Bob Ross lived out his years in Alaska. Pictures taken on a trip through Alaska and Canada will provide a lifetime of inspiration. The breathtaking landscapes of the north are varied and uniquely beautiful. Explore seaside towns and ports, mind-blowing mountain views, active volcanoes and wintery glaciers. Do winter sports get your heart racing? You'll be thrilled by the abundance of places to ski and snowboard. When you choose to travel to Canada and Alaska, Mother Nature will truly move you. The cities of Canada echo this feeling with stunning architecture that is uniquely adapted to the climate. It's a celebration of human adaptation to the environment.

The Delightful Cuisines of the North

During your Alaska travel, you’ll want to try local seafood. Order black cod, King crab and anything with smoked salmon. Reindeer hot dogs, fresh-baked sourdough, gumbo and pierogies are other local specialties not to be missed! Muk-tuk, a piece of fried whale blubber and skin, is a dish of the local First Nations. It is not for the faint of heart—but, like any regional food, it can become an acquired taste. Travel Alaska and Canada in the summer and you’re bound to discover a variety of luscious seasonal berries. Wild blueberries, raspberries and Saskatoons…mmm!

Bring a taste of your travels home with authentic jams and jellies. Of course, no travel through Canada would be complete without trying three things: poutine, 100% real maple syrup, and a fresh doughnut from the beloved Tim Horton’s chain. When visiting Montreal or Quebec, French food and fusion reign supreme. French-Canadian food is hearty, sophisticated fare with a rich tradition in Canadian culture. In contrast, cities such as Toronto, Juneau and Vancouver have a high number of Asian and Russian immigrants. Each ethnicity has their own spin on northern cuisine. Pub food is also popular, especially when enjoyed with acclaimed, high-gravity Canadian beers.

Hospitality Keeps You Warm--Travel Canada and Alaska

Travel north and you’ll find an expansive land of natural delights. With native residents that are friendly and polite, it's arguably one of the most pleasant and scenic regions any traveller could hope to visit. The diverse backgrounds of people who’ve settled here will make your social experience as colourful as the northern lights. From quaint bed and breakfasts to sweeping stone chateaus, you’ll find that the lodging is comfortable and the service, personable.

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